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Become a Prayer Partner

Dear Friend of Pacem,

God is so good! At Pacem we are privileged to regularly observe God’s outpouring of grace and blessings on the hermits who come seeking time alone with Him. There, in an intimate communion of love, He heals, nourishes, guides, and encourages them.

As we witness this amazing work of God we are confirmed in our call to constantly hold the guests of Pacem in Terris before God in intercessory prayer. We know how powerful this gift of intercession can be in calling down blessings on those currently meeting God in the solitude of a hermitage.

Over the years many guests have left Pacem inspired to continue praying for Pacem. This body of intercessors is committed to pray daily for our guests, staff, benefactors, and the special needs of Pacem.

Building on that, we invite you to join the ministry as a PRAYER PARTNER.
If you sense God calling you to share in this ministry, or if you would like additional information please call the Pacem in Terris office.
May God bless you abundantly!